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Birth Month Flowers

Your flower. Your voyage of growth, renewal, and belonging. Mark each day with reminders that, just as a flower blooms in its perfect time, you are also perfectly aligned (and on time) in expressing your heart's most genuine desires for your life.

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    The Meaning Behind the Birth Flower Collection

    The Birth Flower Collection symbolizes life's adventure - paths marked by growth, renewal, and the quest for authenticity. In our trek, we understand that solitude and challenge are inevitable. This notion inspired us to curate a collection as rich and varied as the human experience. Designer Eric Gibbons aims to craft beautiful, personal symbols of encouragement and identity—reminders that speak directly to you without revealing their secrets to everyone. It's about carrying a piece of the natural world that reflects your inner landscape—a flower that blooms in the same month you were born. We wanted to create something that felt like a private dialogue between the wearer and the worn, a series of items that could serve as quiet yet powerful reminders of one's resilience, beauty, and timing in life's cycle. The Birth Flower Collection is our tribute to everyone navigating their authentic path—with grace, courage, and an ever-unfolding sense of belonging.