About DWM

Designed With Meaning, by Bespoke Creators Eric & Ashley Gibbons

Here, we live by a steadfast commitment: to craft exceptional personalized pieces, each infused with the essence of meaningful moments.


Working intently with patrons for nearly a decade, we intuitively crafted a seamless - and quick - shopping experience through real-time website customization.


Inspired by the intricacies of nature, geometric patterns, and Mathematical principles, Eric Gibbons' design vision reflects life's intricate tapestry. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for everyday moments, he seamlessly oscillates between minimalist and opulent experiences. The result? Bespoke pieces designed for you to make your own.


We spare no effort in sourcing the best artisans who take our custom designs and make your made-to-order pieces.


Our partnership energy and the boundless inspiration drawn from our homeschooling (life) journey with our children fuel the unparalleled essence of how we approach the design of elegant and customizable pieces.