Meet Eric Gibbons,
the heart, the mind, and the creative visionary behind Designed With Meaning

- a space that is not just a website but an experience.

About Eric

As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Eric's vision has helped this online boutique and design studio grow from its humble basement beginnings in 2015.

As a self-taught artist, Eric has crafted an authentic approach to design that marries his technology background with what people want most in artwork - they want something meaningful. Today, Designed With Meaning is a destination for meaningful artwork that is easy to make.

Eric's art integrates personal stories and individual style with organic aesthetics - reflecting his vision of 'story and style' that continues to evolve daily. Most days, you can find Eric at his computer or out in nature - doing what he does daily: Dreaming up ways to make it so simple for people to infuse more of themselves in the art they hang and the spaces they call home.