Birth Month Flower Woven Pillow

Birth Month Flower Woven Pillow

Birth Month Flower Woven Pillow

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Add a personalized touch of nature to your home with our Birth Month Flower Woven Pillow. Featuring a choice of 36 unique flower designs, three distinct line art styles for each month, this pillow celebrates the beauty and symbolism of birth flowers. Crafted with a blend of cotton and polyester, it measures 17x18 inches, offering both comfort and style. Customize it with personalized text beneath the artwork to make it uniquely yours. Ideal for adding a floral accent to your decor or as a thoughtful, customized gift, this pillow blossoms with personal significance and artistic charm.

  • [Size & Weight] 17x18 inches, 1.65 lbs for perfect comfort.
  • [Material] Crafted with 58% cotton and 42% polyester for durability and softness.
  • [Design] Multi-colored yarn with a double-sided, identical design for consistent style.
  • [Comfort] Filled with 100% polyester fiber, ensuring plush support.
  • [Care Instructions] Spot clean or dry clean only to preserve quality. Avoid bleaching.
  • [Construction] Blown and sewn closed, ensuring lasting resilience and shape retention.
Name (e.g., "Sophia")
A personal affirmation (e.g., "Rooted in strength")
Life Blooms
Blossom & Grow
Petal's Promise
Personal mantra or saying (e.g., "Rise, shine, and bloom")
A message of encouragement or reflection (e.g., "Growing beautifully with time")

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Woven Pillow

Delight in the bespoke elegance of our Birth Month Flower Woven Pillow. Crafted with a harmonious blend of cotton and polyester, this 17x18 inch pillow showcases exquisite double-sided birth flower art. Soft to the touch and visually striking, it offers both comfort and style. Personalize it with your selected text to honor a special date or memory. This pillow, blending artistry and comfort, turns any room into a celebration of meaningful moments, marked by the beauty of your chosen birth month flower.


Pillow features line drawings of the primary or secondary birth flowers for each calendar month.

Custom Text

Add a touch of 'you' with custom text that flows beneath the artwork.

Designed With Meaning

At the heart of Designed With Meaning lies a refreshing blend of personalized artistry and a keen understanding of life's cherished moments and memories. Our heartsong is to celebrate you and the things you cherish most.

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