Floral Motif Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

Floral Motif Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

Floral Motif Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

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Prompt Dispatch
Handmade in United States, ships in 2 days.

Crafted from cotton and walnut

- Handmade to order
- Gicleé Printed Premium Fine Art Canvas
- Protective laminate coating
- Walnut wood float frame with 2" depth
- Back is finished with paper backing, hanger, and bumpers

Made in United States
Designed by Eric Gibbons
Product reference: DWM444_GB0001

How many signatures will fit? Below are estimates; can vary based on who is signing.

  • 12x12": up to 30 signatures
  • 16x16": up to 50 signatures
  • 20x20": up to 125 signatures
  • 24x24": up to 175 signatures
  • 30x30": up to 250 signatures
  • 36x36": up to 350 signatures

Pen Recommendations:

  • Pilot G-2 Gel Pen

A laminate coating will be applied to the canvas to protect from scuffs, scratches, cracking, and UV light. Lightly dust print with soft dry cloth.


  • Complimentary shipping to the United States and Canada.
  • Refer to our shipping page for delivery outside of these locations.


  • Being made-to-order, we cannot accept returns of personalized items.

The Meaning Behind

Framed in the elegance of artistry from Eric Gibbons, our Floral Motif Guest Book captures the essence of love and well-wishes shared on your wedding day. This guest book transcends its traditional purpose, becoming a piece of artwork and a perpetual reminder of the love and camaraderie shared amidst the whisper of forever.

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