Birth Month Flower Posters: The Personalized Go-To Gift for Her

by Ashley Gibbons

Image of two birth flower posters

Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly online, searching for that perfect gift?

Maybe it's for your sister's big 3-0, or your niece who just graduated. And let's not forget about Mom, who insists she doesn't want anything but totally does. You love these folks to the moon and back, and you want a gift that says so without you saying a word. But oh, the quest for that gift can be exhausting, right?

Guess what? We totally get it. That's why we rolled up our sleeves and created something magical that ticks all the boxes - personal, meaningful, and downright gorgeous.

Introducing our personalized "Birth Flower Posters" - a sweet mix of nature, nostalgia, and all the feels. Whether it's the warm hug of a January carnation or the whimsical wink of a December narcissus, these posters are your new go-to gift.

And hey, no matter who's on your gift list, from your BFF to your favorite coworker, we've got a bloom for them. Dive in and discover a gift that's as unique as they are. Trust us, with these posters, you're not just giving a gift; you're reminding them that they are cherished today and throughout the year.

How Do I Know Which Birth Flower to Choose?

Choosing the right birth flower is simple! Match her birthday month to the list below, and you'll find her symbolic flower.

January's Flower: The Heartfelt Carnation

Image of January Birth Flower Poster, Carnation

January's carnation, it's like a warm hug on a cold day!

Straight from the Mediterranean, this bloom isn't just fragrant; it's a history-packed symbol of love, revolution, and resilience.

If you're shopping for a January gal, this flower's all about celebrating her inherent strength and elegance.

In other words? It's pretty much the floral reflection of her.

February's Flower: Enchanting Violet

Image of February Birth Flower Poster, Violet

February's violet, a tiny flower with a big heart.

Originating from Europe and Asia, this delicate flower stands proudly as a member of the Viola genus with over 400 unique species.

In the Victorian age, presenting a violet was like pledging one's heart, proclaiming, "I'll always stand by you."

In essence? The violet is more than just a flower. It's a symbolic embrace reflecting her innate depth.

March's Flower: The Hopeful Daffodil

Image of March Birth Flower, Daffodil

March's daffodil, it’s like a ray of sunshine.

Emblematic of rebirth, inspiration, and new beginnings, the daffodil also whispers tales of creativity and forgiveness. In lands as far as China and Wales, the sight of the first daffodil bloom promises prosperity and good luck for the year ahead.

In essence? The daffodil isn't just a sign of spring's promise. It reflects the March-born's vibrant spirit and creativity and nods to her endless possibilities.

April's Flower: The Cheerful Daisy

Image of April Birth Flower, Daisy

April's daisy, two flowers in one!

The daisy isn't just one flower—it's two! The center is a cluster of tiny blooms, while the radiating petals mirror the Sun's glowing rays. This unique composition of two harmonious flowers makes the daisy a longstanding symbol of true love.

From its mythical origins to its distinct structure, the daisy stands for innocence and purity, resilience, self-preservation, and unwavering love.

In essence? This isn't just a flower; for those born in April, the daisy symbolizes strength, transformation, and enduring charm.

May's Flower: The Delicate Lily of the Valley

Image of May Birth Flower, Lily of the Valley

May's lily of the valley, it's got tiny bells that don’t ring (but sure are cute!).

Though not a true lily but a relative of the asparagus family, this delicate bloom is deeply steeped in myths and traditions. Legend speaks of its ties to the nightingale, blooming only when the bird's melodious song graces the woods in May.

In essence? The lily of the valley is more than a harbinger of summer. For those born in May, it mirrors a spirit of hope, resilience, and the joyous promise of new beginnings.

June's Flower: The Passionate Rose

Image of June Birth Flower, Rose

June's flower, who doesn't love roses?

A symbol spanning millennia, this flower's legacy extends from ancient Asian gardens to the corridors of power at the White House. The Romans revered it for its duality, representing love and the cycle of life and death.

In essence? The rose, June's emblematic bloom, embodies romance and a rich tapestry of history, resilience, and the infinite possibilities of love.

July's Flower: The Joyful Larkspur

Image of July Birth Flower, Larkspur

July's larkspur, a tall beauty that’s full of joy.

Originating from the shores of the Mediterranean and finding its way into gardens worldwide, its distinct petals, resembling a meadowlark's claw, earned it its poetic name. Though admired for its natural elegance, caution prevails, for its beauty conceals a potent toxicity.

Beyond aesthetics? The larkspur tells tales of ancient Greek valor, Transylvanian superstitions, and Victorian beliefs. For those born in July, this flower encapsulates dedication, youthful spirit, and the enigmatic dance of joy and caution.

August's Flower: The Majestic Gladiolus

Image of August Birth Flower, Gladiolus

August's gladiolus, it stands tall and proud.

Known as the "sword lily" for its blade-like leaves, its very name derives from the Latin "gladius," a tribute to swords and the gladiators who once wore these flowers as badges of honor.

Rising tall and proud, this plant unveils its vivid, trumpet-shaped blossoms in the warmth of summer.

Beyond its vibrant facade? The gladiolus carries tales of Roman valor, Victorian romance, and horticultural passion. For those marking August as their birth month, this flower resonates with strength, deep infatuation, and the promise of unwavering loyalty.

September's Flower: The Mystical Aster

Image of September Birth Flower, Aster

September's aster, like tiny stars on earth.

Belonging to the vast Daisy family, this starry-eyed beauty gets its name from the Greek word for "star." These dainty petals burst forth from their vibrant centers, offering a celestial display as seasons shift.

For those born under September's embrace, this flower whispers of patience, profound wisdom, and unwavering love.

October's Flower: The Radiant Marigold

Image of October Birth Flower, Marigold

October's marigold, it shines like the autumn sun.

Hailing from the landscapes of the Americas, marigolds stand as a testament to resilience, flourishing vibrantly from summer's bloom to the season's first frost.

The marigold, or as some might reverently whisper, "Mary's gold," is interwoven with stories of divine connection and mythical powers.

In essence, the marigold is not just an October bloom. For those born under its sun-kissed canopy, it encapsulates a legacy of love, lore, and the luminous promise of nature's eternal cycle.

November's Flower: The Resilient Chrysanthemum

Image of November Birth Flower, Chrysanthemum

November's chrysanthemum, it’s like a bunch of suns in one flower!

Emerging from the historical tapestries of Asia, the chrysanthemum boasts a name deeply rooted in ancient Greek linguistics, where "chrysos" means gold, and "anthemon" stands for flower.

This November flower isn't merely an ornament; it's a narrative of the human experience. It whispers tales of unwavering loyalty, deep-rooted friendship, and joy that transcends seasons.

For those born in the embrace of November, the chrysanthemum is more than a flower — it's a legacy of life's dualities and a promise of the resilience that defines nature's cyclical dance.

December's Flower: The Reflective Narcissus

Image of December Birth Flower, Narcissus

December's narcissus, a beauty that loves the cold.

Originating from the Mediterranean's sun-kissed shores, Narcissus, especially the Paperwhite, emerges as an ode to endurance, defying the cold to showcase its ethereal bloom.

The Paperwhite, named for its delicate, thin petals, carries tales as ancient as Greek mythology, speaking of love, vanity, and duality.

In essence, the Narcissus isn't merely a December flower. For those touched by its snowy embrace, it embodies a tale of allure, caution, and the mesmerizing dance of nature's contrasts.

Celebrate with Meaningful Details

You've probably noticed how the tiniest personalized touches can amplify the magic of a gift.

Keeping that in mind, our personalized Birth Month Flower Posters thoughtfully combines:

  • her name
  • birth date, and
  • her symbolic birth month flower.

Each poster is custom designed to celebrate the essence of her birth month.

Because Every Day Should Feel Like Her Day

We all love those little reminders that someone out there is thinking of us, don't we? With this design, every glance ensures she feels all the love, warmth, and appreciation—not just on her birthday but on every day that follows.

Ready to Make Her Smile?

We've all been there, caught in the cycle of searching for that go-to gift. Well, the search ends here. If you're looking to light up someone's day and leave them smiling, these Birth Flower Posters are your answer.

Shop this custom collection at our Etsy Shop, Our Love Was Born ®, and pick out the perfect bloom as a gift for her, whether for a loved one or friend.

After all, every day is a good day to remind someone how special they are.

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