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Ashley Gibbons by Ashley Gibbons May 27, 2022

Father’s Day Gift for Dad

Photo by Designed With Meaning

When’s the last time you gave Dad a gift that “wowed” him?

Does this sound familiar?

You think, “what’s the point of giving him another Father’s Day gift he won’t use?”

You feel a little lost in the sea of wallets, neck ties, and hobby gift cards. None of these things are “him.”

You have a hard time telling him how much you appreciate him through a regular greeting card.

Us too! We have been there.

Eric and I started creating meaningful art prints because we were tired.

Tired of spending time and money searching for a gift our parents didn’t have. Realizing, months later, the thing we bought them was still sitting in the box.

Ready for real talk?

We were inspired to give... outside the box. And that’s when Designed With Meaning was born.

We thought about what we cherished most.

Memories made with loved ones
Time spent in nature
Being happy seeing the magic in every day life

These things became the inspiration for our designs. Once we figured out how to make them easy to personalize, we were able to share them with the world.

And now we have the honor of helping you celebrate your Dad in an easy and beautiful way.

Think about it.

With a Star Map, you’re creating a reminder of your love that he can see every day.

Father's Day Gift Inspiration

Photo by Rezzan Özen, Pexels
Whether he’s been your North Star or he’s loved more than the stars in the sky, custom text ensures there’s a meaningful message written just for him.
It’s handmade with archival materials to last a lifetime.
Your choice of curated colors & fonts because you know your Dad best.

Plus, we’ll send you a proof of your design to make sure it’s *perfect* before it’s printed and shipped.

Still wondering...

Am I creative enough to “design” something?
Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked the best layouts, fonts, and colors to choose from. You’ll be able to say, “I designed this for you,” without actually having to design it ☺
Do I have time to personalize this today?
We’ve got you covered! After checkout, you’ll receive a simple Personalization Form to fill out... when you have time. It’s as simple as that.
But I’ve never bought a personalized gift online.
We understand. That’s why you can opt to receive a proof of your design before it’s finalized for printing. We’re here to help you today, tomorrow, or anytime you have a question or issue.

What our customers are saying

Review 1
Very responsive and a great gift. My dad loved it! Highly recommend!
Review 2
Wow! Not only did the quality exceed my expectations I was not expecting to get my delivery so soon even. I really feel like they went out of their way to make sure I received my package before Father’s Day. I am so excited to give this to my Dad this Sunday. I cannot thank you enough!!!!
Review 3
Beautiful print, I can’t wait to give it to my dad!

P.S. Need ideas on how to personalized your Star Map for Dad? I’ve compiled our most popular personalization ideas to get your creative juices flowing.