A Wedding Guest Book Alternative, Personalized Push Pin Map

Ashley Gibbons by Ashley Gibbons May 14, 2022
Wedding Guestbook Alternative

We had the opportunity to chat with a few of our customers about their experience receiving or gifting one of our personalized designs. Next up in the series: Katherine.

Katherine had the brilliant idea to use a Push Pin Map as a guestbook for her wedding. She is delightful and her idea is so creative!

Let’s dive in.

From courthouse wedding to a mansion venue

Wedding Sign

Photo by Lanty, Unsplash

Katherine is from Pennsylvania and her husband, Jacob is from Minnesota. Together, they call Arizona home. Planning a tiny courthouse wedding, their plans changed when their whole family said... “absolutely not. We want an invitation.”

Now focused on planning a local wedding, Katherine’s creative spirit kicked in. Wedding venues were limited at the time and the couple had to think outside the box. They ended up renting a giant mansion to host their families for the week leading up to the wedding. Then, they used the mansion’s backyard for the ceremony and reception.

The wedding day was nice, running around the property setting up decorations. In fact, all the fun in the sun led to Katherine and Jason being “pretty sunburned” in their first wedding photos.

A personalized, interactive guestbook

World Push Pin Map, Wedding Guestbook Alternative

Photo by Eric Gibbons

When Katherine started to plan their wedding, her vision was clear: she wanted to use a Push Pin Map as her guestbook. “A pretty one that was easy enough to transport [that I could bring it to my wedding], but cool enough that I would want to hang it on my wall afterwards, forever and ever.”

In case you’re wondering how the guests used the map, she asked us to personalized it with:

travel recommendations from family and friends.

To use the Push Pin Map as a guestbook alternative, “we set up a little jar of paper and pens next to it so people could tell us where we should go and then write us a little note about what we should do when we got there.”

Many of their wedding guests were traveling from far away places. The Push Pin Map was a great way to capture travel recommendations from trusted family and friends.

“We got all kinds of good travel recommendations. I think we’re good for the next decade.” A lot of people wrote about where they went on their own honeymoons. For example, “some of our friends went to Nepal for their honeymoon, so they wrote us a little note about all the places they stayed and the travel guides and the mountain climbing guides that they used. So we got all kinds of details in that direction.”

Fun after the wedding

Eat, Drink, and Be Married Sign

Photo by Ben Rosett, Unsplash

After the whirlwind of the wedding had passed, Katherine remarked that “it was so fun to go through [the notes] afterwards.” Having an interactive guestbook also gave Katherine and Jacob a chance to connect with their guests. It was also “one more opportunity to get people involved and make sure that you get to at least get some quality time with them, even though you’re crazy busy at your wedding.”

The experience “was a heartwarming reminder to come visit the people that you love.”

Simply put...

Hearing Katherine’s story got us so excited to design more Push Pin Map for future wedding couples. Know someone getting married? We’d love to design a meaningful guestbook alternative for them.